Are You At Risk With Outdated Drivers?

PC Driver Doctor knows that by not keeping your drivers up to date you'll potentially end up with several crashes, or even worse.... the infamous "Blue Screen Of Death" (BSOD).

It's important to keep your drivers updated just like you do your anti-virus application and your operating system.

Serious issues that can cause your system to have fatal irreversible errors that are only recoverable by a full re-installation of your operating system can occur by not keeping your drivers up to date.

There is nothing worse than having your system crash right in the middle of typing a document, downloading e-mail, or surfing the internet.

This takes away from your valuable time!!

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Why Update Drivers?

Much the same way that Microsoft Windows releases updated patches and service packs, drivers need to be updated as well. Sometimes, the newly updated drivers create more functionality, while other times, they resolve issues found in the original release.

What Are PC Drivers?

Every computer system encompasses many devices that need drivers to function properly. The devices are everything attached from the printer down to components that are on the motherboard of a computer.

A computer doesn't know how to use any of these devices natively. There has to be something in the operating system to tell the CPU how to use these devices. That's where PC drivers come in. They tell the operating system how to talk to each of the devices attached.

How Can I Automatically Update Drivers? - The Easy Way

Fortunately, there is a solution. Install Driver Detective. Scan you system. Update ALL your drivers at once! Now, you can setup your drivers to be updated automatically just like Windows Updates itself. You can spend your time hunting drivers down from several websites, or you can try our automatic driver updater that gives you what you really want.

An operational computer system and a hassle-free way of keeping it up to date. Give our updater a try. It's a free download and you'll soon know if you're system is up to date.

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